Since childhood Julie Vino has been creative and artsy. While growing up and discovering fashion, she realized fashion would be the field where she could bring forth her passion for beauty, her creative talent and her unique stylistic vision.

Julie studied fashion design in a leading academic institute followed by internships in leading evening and bridal fashion houses in Canada and Israel.

In 2008, Julie established Julie Vino Bridal and Evening Wear with a studio and flagship store in Tel-Aviv. Julie Vino is currently in over 70 stores around the world and is continuing to expand.

As a part of our continuing strive to grow, improve and innovate the April 2021 we moved to a larger studio, where we have expanded the studio team, our quality control team and customer service team to provide our stores with the best possible product and service in the market.

Julie Vino creative and artsy

Creation of A Julie Vino Dress

Creation of A Julie Vino Dress

When Julie Vino starts to create a new collection, she first starts with the fabric. The fabrics used in all of Julie Vino’s collections are designed exclusively by Julie herself or chosen from the highest quality manufactures around the world.

All of Julie Vino’s gowns are produced in our studio in Tel Aviv by a team of highly skilled and experienced seamstresses and embroidery specialists. The dresses are handmade by her seamstresses and the embroiderers add texture and additional embroidery to each fabric to make it even more exquisite.

Julie Vino has created 4 lines each with their own signiture style:

  • Julie Vino
  • Romanzo by Julie Vino
  • Mimosa by Julie Vino
  • Pure by Julie Vino

Julie Vino

Julie Vino line is the premium bridal line from Julie Vino. The line was started with the establishment of Julie Vino Bridal and showcases Julie’s signature style.

The Julie Vino Line epitomizes elegance, sophistication, and a modern twist. Known for her meticulous attention to detail and luxurious fabrics, Julie Vino’s designs combine classic silhouettes with contemporary elements. From intricately beaded ball gowns to sleek, form-fitting mermaid dresses, this collection caters to the diverse preferences of discerning brides worldwide.

The gowns are designed first of all to flatter the bride’s figure  and has a distinctive combination of classic style with modern touch and a strong connection to leading fashion trends. The fabrics used are designed exclusively by Julie Vino. All the gowns in this line are produced to the exact measurements of the bride at the Julie Vino studio by our highly experienced seamstresses and embroiderers

premium bridal line from Julie Vino

Romanzo by Julie Vino

Romanzo by Julie Vino

The Romanzo by Julie Vino Line brings the Haute  Couture bridal experience but not with the Haute Couture price tag.

Romanzo by Julie Vino captures the essence of romance and fantasy. Inspired by timeless love stories, these enchanting gowns feature ethereal lace, delicate floral appliqués, and flowing layers of tulle. With an emphasis on intricate craftsmanship and dreamy silhouettes, Romanzo by Julie Vino offers brides a captivating and romantic bridal experience

Mimosa by Julie Vino

The Mimosa by Julie Vino line was created by Julie in 2017. Mimosa by Julie Vino showcases classic elegance and timeless style. Drawing inspiration from the allure of vintage fashion, this collection features refined silhouettes, delicate lacework, and intricate details. Designed for brides seeking a more traditional aesthetic, Mimosa by Julie Vino offers a range of exquisite gowns that exude sophistication and grace.

Mimosa by Julie Vino

Pure by Julie Vino

Pure by Julie Vino

The new line, Pure by Julie Vino, is characterized by its soft lines and clean fabrics, which create a simple and elegant look for the modern bride. This can be seen in the flowing silhouettes and gentle draping of the fabric. Soft lines create a romantic and feminine look that is perfect for a bridal gown.

Pure by Julie Vino will allow a new category of brides to get married in a Julie Vino creation.

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